usage: /current.cgi

query-string-parameters: ?name1=value2&name2=value2...

day: day in [[yyyy/]mm/]dd or dd[[.mm[yyy]]

default: today e.g.: /current.cgi?day=7 /current.cgi?day=7.2 /current.cgi?day=7.2.23

days: number of days. From day to day + days. If days is negative from day - days to day.

default: 1 e.g.: /current.cgi?day=7.2&days=3 /current.cgi?days=-3

every: show data every seconds. Append m for minutes h for hours.

default: 1h /current.cgi?every=0 # show all values limited by 100 lines /current.cgi?every=1h30m /current.cgi?every=90m /current.cgi?every=h

from: format hh[:mm[:ss]]

default: first data point

to: format hh[:mm[:ss]]

default: last data point If to is specified only the first day is displayed. /current.cgi?day=2023-02-09&from=10:00&to=10:05&every=0 /current.cgi?day=2023-02-09&from=10:00&to=11:00&every=10

n: max number of lines displayed

default: 1000 n=0 means no limit.

reset: if value not 0 the integrated energy per Volt Wh/V == Ah is reset at the begin of each day.

default: 1 /current.cgi?days=-1&n=0&reset=0 /current.cgi?days=-1&n=0&reset=1

combined examples:

/current.cgi?days=-4&every=4h&n=0 /current.cgi?day=10.2&days=-4&every=4h&n=0